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    A highly sought after tattoo artist, versatile painter, and owner of Fresh Ink Tattoo Studio, Shine creates captivating works of art across a variety of mediums. He has a talent for transforming clients’ visions into permanent visual art far exceeding their initial imagination. While his extensive experience – over 18 years as a tattoo artist – has enabled him to hone his craft, it is his natural artistic talents in drawing and painting that created the foundation for his career in tattooing.

    Shine can’t remember a time where art wasn’t a part of his life. “I have been drawing all of my life, like literally all of my life,” says Shine. In the same way that “you don’t remember your first step... I don’t remember holding my first pencil. I’ve just always had it.” His father, who also had a talent for drawing, was one of his earliest teachers. Later, when Shine decided to formally pursue tattooing, he sought opportunities to perfect his craft, apprenticing and then working at various established tattoo studios. Those experiences showed him the importance of cultivating client relationships and how to turn clients’ ideas into a viable tattoo design.

    When he opened Fresh Ink Tattoo Studio in 2014, Shine saw an opportunity to deliver tattoos as a designer, luxury experience. With his approachable demeanor, thoroughness, and professionalism as the cornerstones of his services, he provides clients with a high-quality, attentive tattoo session. This begins with his collaborative approach to the initial consultation, where he is able to capture the essence and specific look of a client’s design, and continues through the aftercare instructions.

    Whether you are sitting for your first tattoo session or already have extensive work, Shine’s welcoming persona quickly makes clients feel at ease. As a tattoo artist and someone with significant tattoos himself, Shine understands some of the misconceptions about tattooing that may make people apprehensive. “I am afraid of needles,” divulges Shine, “but I have plenty tattoos. Yes, it’s done with a needle, but it’s nothing like a shot.” Being able to listen to clients while also anticipating their potential hesitations enables Shine to create a personable and welcoming tattoo experience.

Shine believes tattoos are expressions of who you are and what you value and like other pieces of art are simply beautiful to behold. His dedication to his craft as evidenced by his skillful work has attracted attention from celebrities as well as clients across the country.

    When he’s not tattooing, Shine explores other areas of his artistic talent whether drawing or painting on canvas or larger-than-life murals.

Check Out Some His Work:

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